Ginny Norman


Amazing grace was born one night
in a stable rude while a star shone bright.
Amazing love had come to all
as a tiny babe in a cattle stall.
Amazing gift from God Most High
as the angels praised Him in the sky.

Amazing life had come to dwell
as Christ our Lord, Immanuel.
Amazing light with brilliance rare
that filled this world with tender care.
Amazing news to shepherds given
by angels sent to earth from heaven.

Amazing signs were in the sky
as the mother heard her baby's cry.
Amazing journey from afar
as wise men followed one bright star.
Amazing truth this Child would bring,
truth to make our hearts to sing.

Amazing gift this child so small,
who as a man fulfilled God's call.
Amazing love, this sinless One
paid sin's full price, God's own dear Son.
Amazing love so rich and free,
yet costs Christ's life on Calvary.

Amazing love, how can it be
that Christ should die for you and me?
Amazing gift, accept it now
and to our Savior humbly bow.
Amazing joy will fill your soul
And Jesus' love will make you whole.

Virginia NormanęDecember 2011

You can find Virginia Norman's 
book of poetry 'All Creation Sings'


The book is a true blessing!

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