Christ is Born!

by Virginia Norman

Christ is born! Hear the angels' cry
as blinding light fills the midnight sky.
Christ is born! Good news of joy
in the life of a tiny infant boy.
Christ is born! Love comes this night.
Run to the manger to view this sight.
In a bed of hay, in an animal stall,
Christ is born! He is Lord of all.
Bow down before Him and in His face
see divine and infinite grace.

Christ is born! The news still rings
and all the heavenly choir sings.
Christ is born in hearts today
so we may walk in the living way.
Christ still comes in our darkest night
and shatters our darkness with His clear light.
Christ still waits for the world to see
and bow to Him on bended knee.
May each of of know His priceless Gift.
And to the Lord our praises lift.

Yes, Christ is born and all earth sings
the praises of our Lord and King.
Join this praise song sweet and clear.
The Savior of the world is here!



©Virginia Norman 11/21/2011





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