Hope Was Born

Hope was born one night long ago
and the midnight sky shone with heavenly glow.
Hope was born in an infant Boy
who had come to earth to bring great joy.
Hope was born in a distant land,
sought by the wise men across desert sand.
Hope was born in a world filled with hate.
Hope was born, not too soon or too late.
At just the right time Lord Jesus was born
and a song filled the sky in the early morn.
Angels appeared to the shepherds on high.
Their message of joy filled the midnight sky
If we just listen, around us we'll hear
the music of love in this Infant so dear.
He lived and He died new life to bring,
and when He arose how the earth did sing!
Listen today. Hear this message so true,
that the Son of our God has spoken to you.
Hope is born in the darkest of night
as this new life of Christ sheds His clear, pure light
This Word that was born generations ago
still speaks of the hope that we can know,
that when life seems darkest, a new dawn appears,
filled with God's hope as he speaks in our ears.
Christ is born! He has come! Hope to impart!
Praise His name! He's alive! May He live in your heart.

by Virginia Norman
December 2, 2014











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