A Song of Thanks
Virginia Norman


Merciful kindness, abounding in love,
sent forth in Jesus from heaven above.
Who would have thought that such things could be,
that God would, Himself, make the way to be free.
Free from the burden of sin and dismay,
freedom sent forth in this Baby on hay.

Humbly, Christ Jesus came to this earth.
Yet, angels proclaimed His most precious birth.
To humble shepherds the message came clear,
that God's gracious presence, in flesh, now was here.
How can we fathom the price that was paid
by this Holy child and the sacrifice made?

For this precious Child became more than a man,
in a life humbly lived in God's master plan.
Life, death, resurrection, the plan was complete.
Now with shepherds and wise men, we kneel at His feet.
For His story's unending. His song we still sing
and in celebration, the Christmas bells ring!

His birth is a beacon that shines in the night.
For His life was lived as God's own true Light.
Even today this Light shows the way
and leads us from darkness to dawn's brightest day.
Oh, may we remember and give God all praise,
and with joy in our hearts, our songs to Him raise!








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