Christ Has Come
Virginia Norman

Christ came to us so long ago.
A star His sign, and angels' glow.
In humble birth He came to be
a Light for all the world to see.
Light of light, resounding love,
God of very God was He.
This Child was born to set us free.

The shepherds heard the message clear,
"The Savior of the world is here."
They must have thought, "Can this be true?"
Yet when they came, they somehow knew
this Child would bring a lasting peace,
and from all sin would give release.
Joy filled the hearts of those who came
and offered homage to his name.

Lord Jesus, come, we ask this day.
to light our path and show the way.
May we have hearts that open wide
to let your gracious love inside.
May the darkness that we face
be shattered by your heavenly grace
We need not ever walk in fear
being assured that You are near.

May your love in us abound
and songs ring out with joyful sound!
Your praises many we ever sing
for You indeed are Lord and King!
And as our songs fill all the earth,
may others come to know your worth.
That all the world may one day see
and worship You, redeemed and free.


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