"I Am His"


"I am His, by Him created; I am His, by Him redeemed; I am twice His, by original right, and by purchase when I was lost. I am His by the ransom of His Blood, His by conquest of His Spirit, His by my own free consent; His in body, in soul, in estate; His entirely, His exclusively, His irrevocably.

"I am His and He will defend me, His and He will correct me, His and He will make use of me; His and He will love me, His and He will delight in me, His and He will claim me against all rivals and opponents: His and He claims me now against all adversaries.

"I am not my own, not the church's, not the world's, not man's, not the law's, not Satan's; but His, Christ's my Beloved's.

"I am not the property of time, nor of care, nor of business, nor of necessity; but of Christ, for 'I am His'.

"I am my Beloved's, and none else possesses either right or power over me, except according to His will and sufferance; and if I am my Beloved's, and He is mine, then all that is mine is His, all my sin, my weakness, my condemnation, and misery; and all that is His is mine, all His strength, His righteousness, His wisdom, His holiness, His salvation, His glory. His God is my God, His Father is my Father, His brethren my brethren, His Heaven my home."

The above is from an old Scotch book, "The Song of Songs" by A.M. Stuart.

Don Murphy




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