Give Thanks!

Always and forever I give thanks unto the Lord,
for every promise given in His Wondrous Holy Word.
Thanks for every bird on high that sings its own sweet song,
for every flower blooming bright with colors, vibrant, strong.

For every shimmering golden leaf upon an autumn tree,
I thank the Lord for beauty that sets my spirit free.
I thank the Lord for sparkling sun upon the water clear,
and for the time I get to spend with love ones I hold dear.

For myriad stars that fill the sky with splendor in the night,
for lovely moon and shining sun that shed abroad their light.
For gentle winds breezes warm, that circle us with love,
as if God blew a precious kiss that came from heaven above.

Each time I see the blue sky greet the pearly morning light,
I thank the Lord for safety during the darkness of the night.
All praise to You, my gracious Lord, for gifts so rich and fair,
but most of all, thanks for Yourself, a pearl beyond compare.


by Virginia Norman






"Give Thanks"

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